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Product Breakdown

TellBlast offers two general types of purchase plans that have been structured to accomodate your needs based on the frequency of calls per month.  
Prepaid Plans  
Prepaid plans are designed for users that cannot predict how much they will be using the system each month.  When the situation arrises where a voice message has to be sent, simply access the TellBlast account and purchase a range of credits necessary to accommodate the specific blast.  These credits are available for use anytime three months after the date of purchase.  
Monthly Plans  
Monthly plans are designed for routine monthly users.  If you know that you are going to require using the system to send messages on a regular basis, you can save money by purchasing a monthly plan.  Each month your credit card will be automatically charged a fixed dollar amount, based on the plan you select.  You can cancel anytime with these plans and there is no minimum commitment.  However, monthly plan credits are only available for the month of purchase, they do not roll-over.  
  Prepaid Plan   Monthly Plan
  One-time payment plans - Use these credits at any time with no future payment obligations. These credits expire 90 days after date of purchase.   The frequent calling plan - Get extra credits for being a repeat user. Credits renew each month. Cancel at any time.
100 Credits   $9.95
275 Credits   $24.95
750 Credits   $59.95
2,500 Credits   $189.95
10,000 Credits   $719.95
125 Credits   $9.95/month
350 Credits   $24.95/month
1,000 Credits   $59.95/month
2,500 Credits   $149.95/month

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Purchasing Credits  
Credits can be purchased at anytime within a Tellblast account. 

If you choose to setup a trial account, you will not be required to purchase credits.  A trial account is the same as a pay account, only that it contains a limited number of credits for trial use.  This will allow you to test the system without having to initially purchase credits.   The trial account provides you with 100 free credits to use.

A "Credit" represents one voice message delivery to a single phone number. The message delivery may result with a Live person answering the call, or the TellBlast system leaving your message on an answering device such as voice mail. You are not charged for calls resulting in No Answer, Busy, Fax Machine, or for numbers that are not in service.

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